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Welcome to the Quality Wedding Photography website. If you have a wedding coming up, browse through our site and check out our high quality wedding photography services . There are many forms of photography which include fine art photography, fashion, travel, food photography , sports, nude, and forensic, among others. The various controls in a camera include focus, shutter speed, white balance, aperture, ISO speed, auto-focus point and metering. Camera controls are inter-related. The total amount of light reaching the film plane is affected by the duration of exposure, the effective focal length of the lens, and the aperture of the lens . Many cameras may be set to adjust most or all of these controls automatically. This automatic functionality is useful for amateur photographers in many situations.

Image capture is only part of the image forming process. No matter what the subject material, some process has to be employed in order to render the latent image captured by the camera into a finished photographic work. This process consists of two steps, printing and development. During printing, changes can be made to the print by several controls. Many of these controls are similar to the controls used during image capture , while some are exclusive to the printing process. Most controls have digital equivalents, but some create unique effects.

There are many photography blogs on the internet which offer photography tricks and tips for aspiring photographers. As well as this, there are video tutorials to guide amateur photographers. If you are interested in Quality Wedding Photography and would like to know more, feel free to contact us.

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