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Terry Offord photography sessions are a relaxed experience, the time for you to spend as a family, reconnect and enjoy being together. The team will be on hand, stepping back when needed, calling for tickles when required, and I will capture all this – your wonderful family, your love for each other – through my eyes.

We want to capture every aspect of your children growing. Let them run around the studio, let them fall asleep in their travel pushchair. We will capture every moment so that you can look back over these memories.

When should I have my maternity photography session?

The best time to book your pregnancy photography session is around 7th or 8th month, when your bump is nice and big, but you’re not too uncomfortable just yet. I did photograph a pregnancy session a day before the due date once, but I really would not recommend leaving it that late!

For wedding photography make sure that you are smile ready with The Perfect Smile!

How do I schedule my newborn photo session?

It’s best to contact me while you’re still pregnant: just tell me your estimated due date (EDD) and I’ll make sure to block off some time around it. Then once the baby arrives, we schedule a specific date. Newborn photography sessions are best held within 10-14 days of birth.

When will my photographs be ready?

After your photography session, the photographs are generally ready to view within 2-3 weeks. The finished products are usually ready for you within 5-6 weeks from payment received. If you need something quicker than that, please talk to me in advance, and I will advice what’s possible.

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